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Ripped from the Pages:
hanks to a newspaper digitization project
by the Roger Williams University Library and the Rogers Free Library, early issues of the
Bristol Phoenix
are a mouse click away. Check out these newsworthy gems dating back 176 years that we plucked from the pages of Bristol’s newspaper of record.
To please the old folks while you court the
daughter, agree with the father in politics
and keep the mother in snuff. To please the
brother, lend him your rifle and buy him a
dog. To please the sister, buy her a dress. To
please your dulcinea, keep her in jewelry
and call her an ‘angel.’ To please yourself, be
a fool.
January 4, 1851
There are some amusing words used in
the conversation of the native Mexicans.
A kiss is called
. It feels
just the way it is spelt.
September 8, 1849
In looking over the records of the Roman
Empire … we discovered that fourteen
Caesars had reigned in succession, every
one of whom were murdered … There
were sixty-four Emperors after Julius
Caesar, forty-five of them were monsters
of crime and iniquity. What a comment
upon the danger of possessing undue
power! What a lesson to ambition!
May 9, 1846
A Case of
November 15, 1845
(W)e question whether such
innocent recreation can be
found in a public Bowling
Alley. Indeed we are satisfied,
from long observation that
such resorts for amusement
are fraught with dangerous
consequences to the youth that
frequent them.
January 12, 1839
A Yankee has just invented a
method to catch rats. He says:
locate your bed in a room much
infested by these animals, and
on retiring put out the light.
Then strew over your pillow
some strong smelling cheese,
three or four red herring, some
barley meal or new malt, and
a sprinkling of codfish. Keep
awake till you find the rats at
work, and then make a grab.
March 10, 1849
RWU {Fall 2013}
Mormon women, we
see it stated, have
commenced dressing
in pantaloons. It is not
stated whether the
men have undergone a
corresponding change in
their apparel.
November 11, 1850
On the Waterfront
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The Editor of the “Fall
River All Sort” says, in his
last paper, that he is fully
of the opinion that the
end of the world will take
place about the 22nd of the
present month, and that he
is desirous of selling his job.
October 5, 1844
A Woman marrying
a Woman
December 10, 1842
40 Percent of Americans
ho find themselves in contact
with law enforcement each year cite traffic violations as the cause – with more than half
due to excessive speeding. With so many of us guilty of pressing the pedal past the limit,
are citations really effective in preventing too much speed? Surprisingly, yes! Research
by RWU criminal justice graduate student Rich Spoehr points to citations as the most
effective means of prevention. Compared with other measures, the mere threat of paying
a fine is even more effective than a speed-related car crash, believe it or not.
Stop and
Strangle It
January 29, 1848
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