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From the Classroom to the Altar
Having presided over more than 1,600 weddings in their 16 years as ordained
ministers, the Reverends Cheryl and Charles Cavalconte have seen a thing or two.
They even wrote the book on personalizing your special day (sorry, it’s no longer for
sale – you’ll have to hire them to receive a copy!). Cheryl, an adjunct faculty
member in English and communication for the past 15 years, shared some advice
from nearly two decades worth of weddings in Bristol and beyond.
Sartorial Selections:
Fabric Matters!
Think twice before wearing a
tulle dress to your summer
garden wedding. After all, it’s
really just netting – and the
bugs will get stuck in your skirt!
Most Popular Readings
Traditional: 1 Corinthians 13:
Love is patient, love is kind…
Contemporary: Selections
from “The Velveteen Rabbit.”
Your tan lines
look ridiculous in your
strapless gown.
Never let the ring bearer carry
the actual
wedding rings
regardless of age. He
lose them – about 40 percent
of the time, according to
The gardens and staff at
make for the best
Bristol wedding, Cavalconte
says (although for alumni,
RWU is lovely, too!).
Skip the Runner.
Aisle runners
look nice, until they get
caught up in the skirt of your
dress. (Besides, they were
originally intended to cover
horse manure!)
25 minutes
is the most
successful ceremony duration.
Never exceed 30 minutes,
and expect guests to complain
if it’s less than 20.
Friends are Guests,
not Professionals!
It’s always a safe bet to hire a
professionally ordained minister.
If you don’t, your marriage may
not be legal – especially if you
move to another state.
Contrary to popular opinion,
your guests will not remember
the flowers, musicians or food.
Focus on
creating a feeling
rather than a production.
Advice to Newlyweds
Remember, the relationship is
the priority – as long as that’s
foremost, everything else will
fall into place. And always say
“I love you.”
A Town
and Lace
you know
, R.I., has
a forgotten industrial past? Rich clay
deposits in the area spurred the town’s
Colonial-era brickmaking business –
Barrington Brick Works – whose
products were laid into Providence’s
downtown train station and buildings
in the Carolinas. Nearby, the Rhode
Island Lace Factory modernized lace
manufacturing, where patterns were
translated into numeric codes and
produced via room-sized machines
that auto-stitched enormous sheets of
intricate lace tablecloths and garment
trim. One former factory worker was
even on hand to take in the Community
Partnerships Center presentation
featuring six RWU students who
illuminated the town’s industrial history.
She’s So Vine!
The (mis)spelling might have
thrown you off, but that really is RWU’s
own Maddy Giese ’16 in the latest
issue of the Vineyard Vines Catalog.
Giese submitted the photograph,
taken on the University shell path, as
a fan photo, never expecting to see
her smile gracing the pages. A Roger
Williams shout out accompanies the
photo, obscuring a man we’re told is
sophomore finance major Nate Richard
(hope we didn’t blow your cover!).
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