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An Extraordinary Educational and
Community-Oriented Atmosphere…
I write to thank you for the beautiful issue of
Magazine you so graciously sent me. I read both the
article on learner-centered educational
programming, and the profile of Walter Ramos,
with the interest of someone who has committed
much of my own time to promote health and
literacy. And I learned a good deal from the feature
on the “OGREs,” who are performing a wonderful
service to our state’s long-mistreated ecosystem.
Please accept my humble commendation not
only on the magazine’s appealing form and content,
but also of the extraordinary educational and
community-oriented atmosphere of your university.
Keep up the valuable work you are performing for
the good cause of our state.
– Ray Rickman
Senior Consultant, Rickman Group
Providence, R.I.
A Most Thankful Grandparent
Your wonderful article on Meeting Street School
was great to see. As you pointed out, the physical
plant is a true wonder for any handicapped/
special-needs child in Rhode Island.
My granddaughter, Alicia Rosemary Tattrie,
attended Meeting Street until her death in
December 2010. Many hours were spent with her
taking part in all the activities open to every child
in attendance. This magical place is so much more
than just an accessible cheery building. Meeting
Street has an actual soul represented through all
those children who are students there. Those souls
are nurtured daily by the caring hearts of each and
every person working within those walls. Meeting
Street School was the perfect happy place for my
Alicia to spend her final days.
– Rosemary Alden
Providence, R.I.
Gilbane’s Reach into Providence
I want to commend Jill Rodrigues ’05 on a
wonderful article about Elsch Maisoh [“Building a
Path to Education and Employment” on Page 17,
Issue #8]. Elsch is one of a kind, and we at Gilbane
Building Company could not be more proud of his
accomplishment and example.
I just want to clarify that we reach out to not
just TIMES
Academy, but also maintain a
relationship with the MET School and hope to
expand our program to include Hope High School
and YouthBuild in Providence for graduating
seniors interested in careers in construction. This
program is rigorous and demanding for these
students – they not only develop the tools necessary
to excel in the construction industry, but gain
life-lasting relationships with their coworkers. We
all celebrate Elsch’s successes because he is truly
part of the Gilbane family!
– John D. Sinnott
Vice President, District Manager of Rhode Island,
Gilbane Building Company
A Local Hero for Public Health
It was my good fortune to read the Spring 2013
edition of
– I am not an alumna, but have
strong ties to one of your contributing editors and
have access to your magazine. Of particular interest
to me was an article on public health and Walter
Ramos ’83 [“A Private Commitment to Public
Health” on Page 39, Issue #8]. I live in New
Bedford, Mass., and recognized the name, but had
no idea the impact that Walter Ramos had made on
my community and in the area of community
health. Impressive article – thought-provoking and
encouraging that the University is listening and has
added a new public health minor.
– Susan Laventure
New Bedford, Mass.
Mud-Scratching at its Best!
Thanks so much for the copies of the
Magazine. I love the cover – mud-scratching at its
best! Wonderful article, great photos and
tremendous copy. Anyone who reads this story
[“The Oyster is Dead – Long Live the Oyster” on
Page 22, Issue #8] will understand and appreciate
the excellent work and support RWU provides for
oyster restoration and oyster farming. The OGRE
program is truly successful on many levels.
– Phil Larson, OGRE
Jamestown, R.I.
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