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22 The Renaissance of Roger Williams
– By Jill Rodrigues ’05
For a thinker whose ideas ignited American political ideology and served as the basis of a revolution decades
after his death, Roger Williams stands largely uncelebrated – and unknown – beyond the borders of the state
he founded. This year, as Rhode Island celebrates the 350th anniversary of its 1663 Colonial Charter, the time
seems ripe to reconsider his legacy.
32 By Land or By Sea
– By Brian E. Clark
Frommile after mile of accessible coastline to a walkable historic district in the heart of downtown, the Town
of Bristol boasts an excess of treasures that appeal to visitors and residents alike. And boast about those treasures,
the community will – especially these days, as folks from across town (the University included) join forces to turn
Bristol into a best-kept secret no more.
40 What They Left Behind
– By Melissa A. Patricio
Every day, the U.S. loses some 800 WW-II veterans to age and illness. As they pass, so too do their stories of guts
and glory, victory and defeat, valor and service – the true (and often untold) histories of the Greatest Generation’s
efforts to fight for freedom against a backdrop of immeasurable loss. It’s a race against time to preserve their
memories, and Thanasi Metropoulos ’13 is at the ready.
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