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RWU {Fall 2013}
On the Waterfront
Award-winning photographer Denny Moers, a longtime adjunct at RWU, shoots with black and white film and prints on black
and white paper, no color added. So how does he create results like
Prairie Dwelling VIII
, a 1996 monoprint photographed in the Great Plains?
“With light and with chemicals,” he says. “The ‘color’ is all inherent in the black and white photo paper.” Moers’s subjects vary, but rambling road
trips are a go-to for inspiration. “Abandoned buildings and empty, forlorn structures keep showing up in my work. They have a great presence when
I’m out there – a world that isn’t there anymore.” Lots more of that world at
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Ways to Moonlight
Like the
Facilities Staff
The multi-talented Facilities Management
team doesn’t just keep the University
shipshape. Take a page from these guys and
discover a new pursuit.
create an inimitable
pro-wrestling character
Kenneth Marshall’s signature move as the Evil Custodian
was the “plunger drop” – headlock your opponent and
body-slam him. The wrestler’s antics and catch phrase
(“You will be disinfected!”) landed him a spot in the top
28 contestants on “MTV’s WWF Tough Enough” in 2001 –
but he didn’t make the next cut. These days, he composes
film scores as the one-man-band
and creates
clay sculptures.
Every September, facilities director John Tameo hikes to
clandestine spots on campus and around Bristol to harvest
the meaty-tasting maitake mushroom (AKA
) with
a specialty knife he purchased in Italy. He learned foraging
for the Señorita from his father at the age of 35 – when
he became old enough, he jokes, to keep the locations of
the perennial fungi secret. He’s sold a few to Federal Hill
restaurants but mostly eats them – marinated.
reveal where your
mushrooms grow
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