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Research Assistant -- Marine Aquarium Fish Imports

Job Description: 
  • Transcribing invoices into a database. Training is provided.
  • First Training Sessions are Friday 9/6/13 @ 4pm, Saturday 9/7/13 @ 10am
  • To apply please click at the top of this announcement on the following link.

Must be a current Roger Williams University Student


To Apply click on the following link.

Special Skills: 
Flexible work hours, 6-20 hours per week.
Good typing ability.
Ability to work independently.
Academic Major Preferred: 
Any majors are eligible. Of special interest are Marine Biology/Biology/Environmental Science majors.
Department Information
Contact Name: 
Dr. Andrew Rhyne
CEED / Biology
Phone Number: 
Starting Date: 
August 6th, 2013