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Job Description: 

Conversation Partners will meet regularly with international students and English as a Second Language students to help them improve their English.  Conversation Partners are responsible for leading discussions and may participate in social activities on campus with their students in order to give students additional practice with spoken English.  In addition, Conversation Partners help international students to expand their knowledge of RWU and American culture.  This position has flexible hours, and students must take personal responsibility to ensure that they are meeting with their students regularly.  Students must attend weekly meetings every Wednesday from 3-4pm.  Conversation Partners may be asked to assist with planning activities and local field trips.

Special Skills: 
Good communication skills
Native or near native proficiency in English
Able to sustain discussion one-on-one with English learners of all levels
Ability to work with minimal supervision
Must be interested in learning about other countries, cultures and languages
Academic Major Preferred: 
A great opportunity for any student interested in enhancing the global aspect of his or her education.
Department Information
Contact Name: 
Juliane Shindo
Intercultural Center
Phone Number: 
Starting Date: 
April 8th, 2013