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Crossings Yearbook Staff Writer

Job Description: 

The Staff Writer’s role on this staff is to capture the lives of the people on campus and in the community. We are looking for writers who are able to cover a recurring event on campus with a different angle. They should have a passion for writing. These members are responsible for writing about topics they were assigned, or that they helped develop. They are responsible for interviewing, reporting, writing and rewriting. Most stories are approximately 350 – 450 words. They need to communicate well with their team of photographers and designers to create a cohesive spread. By collaborating with their photographer, they will write captions and create headlines to make a visual and verbal connection.

Special Skills: 
Strong Writing Skills
Academic Major Preferred: 
Department Information
Contact Name: 
Adrianne Mukiria
Student Programs & Leadership
Phone Number: 
Starting Date: 
January 12th, 2012