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Research Assistant – School of Education

Job Description: 

Under the supervision of Professor Ann G. Winfield, Ph.D., student worker will assist with research relating broadly to the disciplines of history, education, and anthropology. Student worker will engage in the following types of tasks:

  • document review
  • creating annotated bibliographies
  • searching online archival repositories
  • filing
  • copying
  • organizing
  • 10-12 hours per week
Special Skills: 
Facility with writing
Computers, and organizational skills
Student worker must be able to be self-motivated, honest and accountable
Academic Major Preferred: 
Job is well suited for any major, but will be most relevant and interesting for students interested in learning about qualitative research techniques, archival research techniques, and qualitative software.
Students who are interested in history, American Studies, education, sociology, anthropology, or historic preservation would benefit particularly.
Department Information
Contact Name: 
Dr. Ann Winfield
School of Education
Phone Number: 
Starting Date: 
August 27th, 2014