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Advancement Communications Assistant: Marketing & Communications

Job Description: 

Please describe (briefly) the student’s role each year reflecting increasing responsibility:

Year 1 Responsibility/Function

  1. Edit, proofread and offer suggestive improvements on RWU’s Advancement communications projects to ensure accuracy and consistence of messaging. Projects, both print and digital, will include letters, brochures, invitations, HTML emails, postcards, etc. for the University areas of Alumni Relations, Annual Giving and specific priority development campaigns.
  2. Periodically review, edit and refresh the Advancement website pages on the website. These include content pages on both the “Giving” and the “Alumni Relations” web pages.
  3. Conduct research among RWU’s peer and aspirant institutions for the purpose of documenting and suggesting best practices in fund-raising communications, trends in higher education fund-raising, increasing alumni participation rates, engaging young alumni and building a culture of philanthropy at RWU.

Year 2 Responsibility/Function

  1. Continue to be responsible for the functions itemized in Year 1
  2. Create original content for use in varied Advancement Communications – both print and digital – in conjunction with campaign specific goals and the overall Advancement Communications strategy.
  3. Collaborate with the Alumni Relations Office to collect and write and edit alumni stories, class notes, event highlights, etc. for use in the alumni e-newsletter (Currents@RWU), the RWU magazine, the website, etc.

Year 3 Responsibility/Function

  1. Continue to be responsible for the functions itemized in Years 1 & 2
  2. Collaborate with members of the Student Philanthropy Executive Council (a selective student organization) to produce communications that educate students about the impact and importance of philanthropy.
  3. Conduct interviews with faculty and students, on campus and off, for the purpose of writing interesting and timely stories for inclusion in varied Advancement communications (print and digital), RWU publications and the website.
  4. Assume the role of Marketing & Communications liaison to the RWU Student/Alumni Association (soon to be established) and help facilitate the timely and effective completion of the group’s communications projects, building brand identity and awareness.

Please describe how this role will support the student’s academic progress/experience:

The Advancement Communications Assistant role provides opportunities to enhance a student’s academic progress with hands-on learning experiences in the areas of creative writing, communications, media communications, marketing and market segmentation, journalism, digital journalism, social media communications and more. The role of the FIT student will be to contribute as a key member of the Marketing and Communications team, consulting on real-life University projects that require analytical and creative skill sets. The students will learn, first-hand, the importance of strategic planning and clear and concise on-message communications. They will also develop important project management and collaboration skills that will prove to be an asset in a multitude of career field.

Preferred Academic Major: 
Creative Writing
Digital Journalism
Media Communications
Starting Date: 
July 1st, 2014
Department Information
Contact Name: 
Lori Cochrane
Marketing & Communications
Phone Number: 
(401) 254-5480