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Job Description: 

Please describe (briefly) the student’s role each year reflecting increasing responsibility:

Year 1 Responsibility/Function

  1. Complete Career Planning Seminar
  2. Learn Receptionist responsibilities
  3. Assist at Career Center recruiting/networking events
  4. Do student outreach on campus
  5. Update student records in HAWKS HUNT

Year 2 Responsibility/Function

  1. Train new student staff on Front Desk responsibilities
  2. Work with Career Assistant to market programs via social media, on-campus marketing
  3. Assist with planning events by recruiting student workers and managing check-in at events for employers and students
  4. Do employer and student outreach via phone, schedule and staff tables at the Commons for marketing
  5. Assist at Career Planning Seminar by taking attendance and collecting homework

Year 3 Responsibility/Function

  1. Act as Teaching Assistant in Career Planning Seminar – attend sessions and help facilitate discussions (new task for more experienced student), collect assignments, take attendance
  2. Act as Supervisor of work-study students – create schedule, answer questions, provide direction and delegate tasks
  3. Using social media, publicize Career Center events, employers on-campus and student successes
  4. Work with Director on special projects

Please describe how this role with support student’s academic progress/experience:

This role provides students with an opportunity to supervise, public speaking, and problem solving all while working as part of a team. They will gain critical thinking skills and have opportunities to practice this skill. They will develop strong communication skills. They will also gain knowledge about Career Development for students as a whole and for themselves. The student will learn about event management and marketing and gain intensive customer service experience. All of these skills are transferable to any profession and will help our students become well-rounded.

Starting Date: 
July 1st, 2014
Department Information
Contact Name: 
Robbin Beauchamp
Career Center
Phone Number: 
(401) 254-3244