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Editorial Assistant: Marketing & Communications

Job Description: 

Please describe (briefly) the student’s role each year reflecting increasing responsibility:

Year 1 Responsibility/Function

  • Meet with editorial team weekly to brainstorm story ideas for PDQ@RWU
  • Complete writing assignments for PDQ@RWU
  • Complete On the Waterfront stories for RWU Magazine
  • Participate in publications planning meetings for RWU Magazine and President’s Report
  • Proofread select print pieces as assigned

Year 2 Responsibility/Function

  • Continue to build on Year 1 responsibilities and functions
  • Edit and publish events and announcements submitted to PDQ@RWU
  • Create weekly ad copy for East Bay Newspapers
  • Participate in weekly Public Affairs meetings, providing updates on work progress
  • Write a Mission Critical story and a profile for RWU Magazine

Year 3 Responsibility/Function

  • Continue to build on Year 2 responsibilities and functions
  • Cover University events and report for PDQ@RWU or RWU Magazine
  • Develop and write a feature article for RWU Magazine
  • Work with design team to develop strategy and curate visual assets for feature package
  • Complete a digital portfolio of published work

Please describe how this role will support the student’s academic progress/experience:

As an editorial assistant, the student will hone his/her writing skills and learn how to adapt tone and voice for individual audiences. The student will have myriad opportunities to practice applicable skills including pitching stories, story development, conducting interviews, covering events, basic reporting, writing for online and print platforms, publications planning, proofreading and editing. He/she will be coached on the differences between reporting and storytelling, and will learn to craft compelling leads and engaging stories that both inform and entertain readers. The student will also learn essential professional skills, including teamwork, meeting planning and creative collaboration. Before graduating, the student will have developed a digital portfolio of published clips to demonstrate their depth and breadth of skill for potential employers.

Preferred Academic Major: 
Starting Date: 
July 1st, 2014
Department Information
Contact Name: 
Melissa A. Patricio
Marketing & Communications
Phone Number: 
(401) 254-5552