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Job Description: 

Please describe (briefly) the student’s role each year reflecting increasing responsibility:

Year 1 Responsibility/Function

  1. Assist in training student staff (approximately 12-15) (develop skills of staff training and development)
  2. Shadow/Assist administrative assistant (master basic skills of managing busy student- centered office)
  3. Develop proposal for enhanced social media initiative (improve skills/expertise in social media)
  4. Design/schedule student staff development activities (staff management)
  5. Develop/monitor student staff work schedule (office administration)

Year 2 Responsibility/Function

  1. Assume responsibility as a senior student staff assistant (experience as a manager of staff)
  2. Train work/study students
  3. Assist Office Manager (scheduling; budget maintenance; travel)
  4. Introduction to budget development/management
  5. Assist Director in budget development/administration

Year 3 Responsibility/Function

  1. Train as a ‘Senior’ Peer Advisor Leader (PAL) (leadership, staff selection/supervision)
  2. Assist in training new PAL cohort
  3. On-call Peer Advisor Leader two days each week (paraprofessional back-up to professional advisors)
  4. Complete one research project relevant to needs of Advising Center
  5. Coordinate student participation in ASD/ Open House Events (cooperating with colleagues across campus)

Please describe how this role will support the student’s academic progress/experience:

Students in the liberal arts are not in a ‘career specific’ major. They develop excellent skills that are valued and in high demand in a variety of work places. College recruiters consistently report they hope to recruit students who can write persuasively and economically; problem solve; create effective presentations; organize ideas into a coherent program; are flexible and able to cope with change; and are curious and interested in the world. These are the skills all liberal arts students develop in their respective majors. In the Advising Center, a student has the opportunity to apply these skills.

We recruit particularly in the Psychology Department. This discipline offers students training and knowledge that is specific to our mission. As a small office, we rely upon the creativity and energy of student staff. Our success has been in no small part due to the fact that we’ve been able to recruit some of the brightest and most talented students on campus to work in our office. The FIT program will allow us to provide a genuinely pre-professional experience for selected students.

Our students have gone on to pursue careers in academic advising, philanthropy, child psychology, marketing and child advocacy in the courts. The FIT program will significantly enhance the resumes of our current students.

Preferred Academic Major: 
Starting Date: 
July 1st, 2014
Department Information
Contact Name: 
Susan Hammond
Advising Center
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