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Job Description: 

Please describe (briefly) the student’s role each year reflecting increasing responsibility:

Year 1 Responsibility/Function

  1. Understand how and why events are run
  2. Collaborate with admission and operations staff
  3. Attend staff meetings to understand office function
  4. Contribute to marketing plans
  5. Run information sessions

Year 2 Responsibility/Function

  1. Assist admission and operations staff with planning events
  2. Research all aspects of event planning – vendors, locations
  3. Work alongside counselors to assist in planning off-site recruitment events
  4. Assist with scheduling

Year 3 Responsibility/Function

  1. Student point person to all events
  2. Reporting and data analysis of events
  3. Projections and recommendations for future

Please describe how this role will support the student’s academic progress/experience:

This role will be best for a marketing, public relations or communications major who is looking to apply what they are learning in the classroom to a role with increasing responsibility. Students will learn all aspects of event planning including scheduling, collaboration with other departments and reporting.

Preferred Academic Major: 
Public Relations
Starting Date: 
July 1st, 2014
Department Information
Contact Name: 
Jessica Winthrop-Oney
Phone Number: