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Student Activities

RWU to Host Fifth Annual Tournées French Film Festival from April 3 to 8

March 23, 2017

BRISTOL, R.I. – The Tournées Film French Film Festival returns to Roger Williams University with six acclaimed French feature-length films and the premiere of a selection of award-winning short films. Presented in collaboration with Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival, the festival runs from April 3 to 8. The films bring the RWU community a sampling of issues societies across the globe are currently confronting and feature both French acting legends and wider known actors like Viggo Mortensen.

Through the films, audiences at RWU will be exposed to situations and landscapes that aren’t normally portrayed in Hollywood films. The films selected are meant to expand the appreciation of a larger world and address topical issues such as immigration, assimilation, diversity and cultural identity, said George T. Marshall, adjunct professor of communications and film at RWU and executive director of the Flickers Art Collaborative.

Campus Involvement Helps RWU Students Prepare for Jobs

March 9, 2017

BRISTOL, R.I. – While running on the rugby fields during his freshman year, Jason Hall ’18 had an idea: start a paintball club at RWU.

To make it happen, Hall’s first move was researching if there was a market for the club. Next, he brought together a group of interested students and networked with owners of local paintball fields. Hall then filed the necessary paperwork with the University. And just like that, with a clear goal of what he wanted to provide and a small team behind him, Hall launched the RWU Paintball Club. Now, after running the club for two years, Hall said he has a taste of what it's like being an entrepreneur. The experience has been crucial to his growth, he said.

Like Hall, many students find that getting involved on the RWU campus often provides key experiences and skills that they can use to secure jobs. These skills can range from project management and leadership to problem solving and teamwork.

Amid Election Season Clashes, RWU Students Chose Civil Discourse

January 13, 2017

BRISTOL, R.I. – As fiercely emotional political showdowns took place on campuses across the nation this past election cycle, a group of conservative and liberal Roger Williams University students showed how it’s possible to engage in civil discourse despite sharp political differences.

The Emmy Award-winning MTV documentary series “True Life” captured the conflict and the reconciliation as students had frank discussions about campus tensions and then joined in organizing a student forum that produced a wide-ranging political discussion.

MTV plans to broadcast the RWU segment as part of an episode about conflict stemming from the Nov. 8 presidential election. The “True Life” episode is expected to air prior to Inauguration Day on Friday, Jan. 20.

Following the election, students raised concerns about the policy consequences and about the need for justice in the classroom. So on Nov. 30, RWU President Donald J. Farish hosted a “fireside chat” on campus, saying his immediate concern was for members of the LGBTQ community, international students, Muslims and students of color generally.

Students Shine a Light on Syrian Civil War

December 14, 2016

BRISTOL, R.I. – As civil war in Syria continues to devastate the country and displace millions of people, a group of Roger Williams University students led a grassroots-effort to make sure it’s not forgotten beyond the walls of a classroom. Inspired by an examination of the human impact of the Syrian conflict in a fall semester CORE Human Behavior course, the students decided to take what they had learned to the greater campus community with a candlelight vigil to spotlight the struggles that Syrian refugees are experiencing worldwide.

As twilight descended over campus on Nov. 15, students and faculty joined the class outdoors, some with candles and others shining cell phone lights, to reflect in solemn silence and to hear about the conflict from a variety of perspectives.

“Here at Roger Williams, sometimes we struggle,” said Anas Alfeez, a sophomore criminal justice major from Saudi Arabia who spoke fondly about Syria as a beautiful place he visited in his childhood. “But our struggles are good ones. We struggle to become educated, to do well on tests, to pursue our interests. Syrians struggle to survive.”

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Students Engineer Solution to Public Health Issue in Dominican Republic

March 16, 2016

Valle Nuevo, Dominican Republic – For their inaugural service project, Roger Williams University’s Engineers Without Borders student club traveled deep into the mountains of northern Dominican Republic last week to provide a design solution for a serious public health issue.

Their task was to replace open-fire cooking – which has been causing chronic respiratory illness in women and children in Valle Nuevo – with an inexpensive, efficient method that channeled smoke outdoors. It was an effort that kicked off last fall via the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC), which matched the club’s expertise to a community need at one of the nonprofit’s project sites around the globe.

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Earth Fest 2017

The RWU Eco-Reps will be hosting our annual EarthFest 2017 in celebration of Earth Day (which is on April 22). It will take place out on D’Angelo Common (on the quad in front of the Library).

Every year we urge all members of the RWU and Bristol community to get involved in any way that they can in order to have the best celebration possible. Your activity at Earth Fest need not promote sustainability, per se. The only guideline for participants is that their activity, presentation or performance be electricity-free and as Eco-Friendly as possible. We won’t let anyone plug in, but using a portable, battery-powered amp would be fine.

Do you play an acoustic instrument? Dance? Want to show everyone your artwork/photography? Maybe you want to demonstrate a cool “green” class project. Maybe you want to sell your artwork, photos or crafts that you’ve created. That’s fine. We’ll give you a 6-foot table and chairs and we won’t charge you a vendor fee.