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New Research Reveals a Slowdown of the Atlantic Ocean Overturning

March 23, 2015

BRISTOL, R.I. – The Atlantic overturning is one of Earth’s most important heat transport systems, pumping warm water northward and cold water southward. Also known as the Gulf Stream system, it is responsible for the mild climate in northwestern Europe. A team of researchers from Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Pennsylvania State University and Roger Williams University has now found evidence for a slowdown of the overturning – multiple lines of observation suggest that in recent decades, the current system has been weaker than ever before in the last century, or even in the last millennium. The gradual but accelerating melting of the Greenland ice-sheet, caused by manmade global warming, is a possible major contributor to the slowdown.

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In the Name of Autism Awareness... On Your Mark, Get Set, Decorate!

March 27, 2015

BRISTOL, R.I. – Get your aprons ready, folks! The 5th Annual Cake Off, hosted by the Roger Williams University Inter-Class Council, is only weeks away.

With sheet cakes, basic decorating supplies and 30 minutes on the clock, as many as 50 teams will compete on Saturday, April 11, in the annual cake sculpture competition. The event is part of a fundraising and awareness campaign in recognition of National Autism Awareness Month.

RWU students, faculty, staff and members of the local community are invited to participate in the competition, which allows teams of three to six members to compete head-to-head for a variety of awards, including “Most Spirited,” in which teams can to wear matching costumes, and “Best Theme Design,” in which teams are encouraged to create a cake that reflects the puzzle piece symbol often used to signify autism awareness. Teams will also have the opportunity to capture honors based on the creativity and design of their cakes.

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President’s Distinguished Lecture – Ambassador Andrew Young

Inauguration Week 2011 Event.

Presentation with Ambassador and Activist Andrew Young will highlight Inauguration Week 2011 events; reception with Ambassador Young to immediately follow.

About Ambassador and Activist Andrew Young

For a university that prides itself on creating a healthy exchange of ideas on the most pressing questions facing society and seeks to instill in its graduates a drive to serve the broader public interest, the chance to host Andrew Young as an honored guest and participant during Inauguration Week 2011 is opportune.

Film Screening: "The Raising of America"

RWU has the opportunity to screen an hour-long sneak peak of the California Newsreel documentary series, "The Raising of America," before the official debut of the five-part series later this year. RWU is hosting the pre-launch viewing to raise awareness about recent research on connections between early childhood experience and the long-term prospects for health, education, and economic success. How does America's policies and services for infants and young children measure up in comparison to other countries in the world?

The screening will be followed by a discussion led by RWU faculty and research staff. The discussion will include time for questions about and reaction to the film, as well as elicit suggestions about how local communities can join forces to increase support for the families and caregivers of young children in Rhode Island. For more information on the film,visit

Info Session & Reception: Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor

Join us for a Gender & Sexuality Studies Reception on Wednesday, March 18 at 4 p.m. in the Law School Bayview Room, 2nd floor. This information session is for students who are currently minoring or are considering a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies, as well as for Gender & Sexuality Studies affiliated faculty, and anyone who wants to learn more about the Gender & Sexuality Studies program whilst hanging out with fabulous people. Come socialize, meet the people who are involved, learn more about the minor, and hear about Gender & Sexuality Studies-related programming on campus. Questions? Contact Prof. Laura D'Amore at

Radical, Trans-Inclusive Feminism Workshop with Staceyann Chin

Join Tony-nominated activist/author/spoken word poet, Staceyann Chin, for a discussion about feminism that examines how trans* identities, racial identities and varying levels of privilege can play a role in what we bring to/need from feminism.

Tournées French Festival Film Screening: "Venus In Fur"

After his nimble adaptations of the plays "Death and the Maiden" (1994) and "Carnage" (2011), Roman Polanski continues his success in bringing the stage to the screen with "La Venus a la Fourrure" ("Venus In Fur"), which originally premiered off-Broadway in 2010. (David Ives, the playwright, co-wrote the film’s script with Polanski.)

Tournées French Festival Film Screening: "Ernest & Celestine"

This utterly charming animated film about interspecies friendship, directed by Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Pater, and Benjamin Renner, is based on a series of children’s books by the Belgian author-illustrator Gabrielle Vincent (1929–2000). In an unnamed French city, two different realms of sworn enemies exist. Above ground live bears; below it reside mice. Celestine, a wee mouse orphan who is being trained for a career in dentistry but dreams of being an artist instead, meets a kindred spirit in adult Ernest, an ursine musician whom she convinces not to eat her. They seal their bond by breaking into a candy store together and soon find themselves on the lam from those who are appalled by their amity. These unlikely friends set up their own home in the woods, delighting in both their similarities and differences. The detailed, warm, hand-drawn animation emphasizes the tender companionship between a mouse who loves to sketch and a bear who is happiest when playing a violin.

Tournées French Festival Film Screening: "In the House"

Adapted from Juan Mayorga’s play "The Boy in the Last Row," François Ozon’s piquant and playful "Dans La Maison" ("In the House") marks a return to the anarchic adolescent protagonists of the director’s early films, such as "Criminal Lovers" (1999), whose uncontrollable desires are inextricably linked with destruction and mayhem.

Tournées French Festival Film Screening: "Cousin Jules"

After winning a prize at the Locarno Film Festival in 1973, Dominique Benicheti’s magnificent documentary, "Le Cousin Jules" (Cousin Jules), features the quotidian rhythms of an elderly couple in rural Burgundy unjustly remained without U.S. distribution for 40 years. Filmed over a five-year period, shot in CinemaScope and recorded in stereo, this immersive portrait follows Jules Guiteaux (a distant relative of the director’s) and his wife, Félicie, as they go about their formidable tasks. Jules, a blacksmith, is shown hammering out hinges and other implements as his wife tends to their vegetable garden and prepares meals and midmorning coffee. Benicheti, working with cinematographers Pierre William Glenn and Paul Launay, patiently observes these labor-intensive chores, daily rituals that are attended to with utmost precision and grace — and that are never less than transfixing to watch. Although Jules and Félicie, both born in 1891, rarely speak in the film, their silence conveys the deep intimacy of spouses who have spent six decades together.