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  • Academic Living Learning Communities

Building and Design (Open to Architecture, Engineering and related majors)
When there seems to be no end to the work or when you need some encouragement from others, Building and Design is a great place to come home to. The area provides Architecture & Engineering majors the opportunity to combine work and relation in a comfortable, convenient living area that has several common rooms and two studio desks. Past programs have included a "Walking Architectural Tour of Boston" including many new and historic Boston locations, an orientation to Providence including the architecture supply store, a session on how to build better models for studio and a “mock critique” simulation experience. Students in this LLC are likely to share some classes with other students in the Building and Design LLC.

Environmental Sustainability (Any major)
The long-term well-being of humans and their societies is influenced by the environment and our relationships with it. This Living-Learning Community is focused on helping students learn about the basic principles of environmental sustainability and how to live in ways that minimize negative environmental impacts and thus improve the ability of humans and other species to survive and flourish into the future. Students in this LLC will be registered for SUST 101- Introduction to Sustainability Studies.

Fine & Performing Arts (Open to Any major)
For those who want to better understand the human experience through its expression of the creative spirit, this Living-Learning Community will help you examine masterworks and artists from a variety of traditions in dance, music, theater and the fine arts. With abundant field trips, and the opportunity to cultivate one's own artistic impulses, students in the LLC will explore the historical and contemporary role of the fine & performing arts by inhabiting the creative life themselves. Students in this LLC will be registered for CORE 105- The Artistic Impulse.

Global/International (Open to Any major)
Students committed to the concept of a global citizenry will find this Living-Learning Community to be an excellent start to their international university education. With over five thousand years of civilization, more than a billion people, and globally significant economies, East Asia plays an essential role in the modern world. This LLC will introduce students to the region’s complex traditions, rich cultural resources, and historical contributions. It will also foster opportunities for students to pursue future study abroad experiences, deepen their focus on Asia or other regions of the world, and possible faculty/student collaborations. Students in this LLC will be registered for ASIA 100- Foundations of Asian Studies.

Human Diversity (Open to Any major)
Students believing in the concepts of egalitarianism, pluralism, social justice, and personal empowerment to bring change will find that this Living-Learning Community gives them an opportunity to examine their own experiences and those of others as they intersect with gender, sexuality, race, class, nation, and religion. The LLC will provide a better understanding of the social, cultural, and imaginative processes through which people are categorized in terms of sex and gender, and how this categorization shapes individual experiences of the world (including structures of power, privilege, and oppression). Students in this LLC will be registered for GSS 100- Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Public Health (Open to Any major)
Public Health is an interdisciplinary field that uses policy, education, epidemiology and advocacy to protect the health of communities. This Living-Learning Community invites students of all majors to work together, using a public health approach, to address local and global community health issues. Students in this LLC will be registered for BIO 103- Biology I and Lab.