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  • Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities

RWU began offering Living Learning Communities more than a decade ago, when the University Honors Program chose to include a living component to accompany the overall honors experience. Since then, the University has hosted many types of LLCs – from theme-and major-based to special interest, self-proposed and everything in between. We believe that LLCs are an integral piece of the RWU education, especially for incoming students.

National research has shown that LLCs:

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Open students’ minds to new ideas and experiences
  • Increase student engagement in classes
  • Lead students to think more critically and gain deeper knowledge
  • Create a greater sense of connection to the university community

Our current LLC offerings include communities organized around our Honors program, major/academic program, required Core Curriculum classes and specific themes such as Environmental Sustainability, Fine & Performing Arts, Public Health  and Popular Cultural & Community. The LLCs are housed in South Campus, which is also home to all first-year RWU students. Each LLC will be comprised of a cohort of approximately 24-26 students, both male and female, who will share at least one class, a faculty and resident advisor, as well as a variety of on-and off-campus academic and social experiences.

At RWU, our LLCs:

  • Give students additional access to faculty mentors
  • Create a community within a community
  • Allow for greater interaction with Student Advocates
  • Come with built-in study groups and tutoring support
  • Offer opportunities to participate in special events, on- and off-campus

LLCs at RWU are designed to help you get the most out of your freshman year by strengthening the connection between the classroom and the residence hall, and helping you in the transition from high school to college. And, as a member of an LLC, you’ll have the support and encouragement you need to make the most of YOUR college experience.

Expected LLCs for Fall 2017:

  • Core Curriculum classwork (students of all majors)
  • Business
  • Construction Management 
  • Criminal Justice
  • Engineering
  • Political Science
  • Honors (for those students in the Honors Program) 
  • Gender Identity - LGBTQ-A (students of all majors) 
  • Substance & Alcohol Free (students of all majors)

As an upperclassman, you will have the opportunity to design your own LLC. The result? New, student-initiated LLCs ranging from Eco Geeks and Freaks of Nature (animal and environmental issues) to We Fit (personal wellness) and Hawks Pride. That’s the beauty of RWU; if you have an idea, you can make it happen!

Some current and past student-proposed LLCs:

  • Edible Landscaping--Community Gardening 
  • One Voice & Women Against Domestic Violence
  • Helping Hands--Volunteering in a School Setting 
  • Critcial Reading for Community Development--Mentoring / Big Sisters 
  • Hawks Heroes – Special Olympics
  • Peace Stew – PEACE II
  • Save the Bay – Beach clean-ups
  • Roger's Angels--The Ronald McDonald House 
  • Green is the New Black – Environmental awareness
  • Soccer/Healthy Living
  • Skin We’re In – Diversity