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  • Stonewall Terrace

The University's newest traditional style residence hall. This eighth residence hall is a wonderful new addition to our housing options. This residence hall houses sophomores and juniors with limited space for new students.

Living Space

The four, three-story buildings house approximately 450 residents in a suite style arrangement. Each suite has a common sitting area and common bathroom. Each room is carpeted and fully air conditioned. Spacious common areas provide additional meeting, studying and programming space for residents. Tobacco free environments are available in Stonewall Terrace. Stonewall Terrace is the location of the Honors living-learning unit.

Building Facts

  • Study Areas - Stonewall features two private study areas on each floor.
  • Lounges - Each floor has a community lounge furnished with chairs, couches, tables and a TV.
  • Kitchens - Adjacent to each lounge is a small kitchen area with a microwave and sink.
  • Honors Building - Building Four is dedicated as the Honors Building, and houses students from the University's Honors Program. The Honors Building is home to the honors lounge, a quiet study and classroom area for use by the program.
  • Air Conditioning - The entire complex is air conditioned.


Stonewall Terrace is staffed by ten Resident Assistants (RAs) and one Head Resident Assistant.  The staff and facility is overseen by a Coordinator of Residence Education (CORE).