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  • Maple Hall

Ideally situated near the center of campus, Maple Hall is located next to the Student Union and across the street from a number of classroom buildings - perfect for those who prefer to roll out of bed and into the classroom! Maple Hall is unique because its living areas are structured as small separate units around a central lounge area.

Maple Hall houses a total of 350 residents. Every room in the building is furnished with a bed, bureau, desk, chair, and closet or wardrobe suitable for the number of people in the room. There is also a cable and data hook-up.

Maple Hall is also home to the Gender Resource Center (GRC) which is located adjacent to the 9,10,11 tower. The GRC is committed to fostering an exclusive experience for all. It is the campus location where students, faculty and staff connect for resources, service, education and leadership programs related to gender identity and sexuality.

Units 1-8, 12

Maple has eleven identical units (and unit 14, but we'll get to that later). Each of these living areas house 27 residents in nine single and nine double rooms. The unit is divided into four "quads", with two singles, two doubles and a community bathroom. Each unit has a large bay window in the lounge and a television connected to the campus cable system.

Unit 14

Unit 14 is nothing like the other units! The unit was created in the summer of 1994 and is newer than the others. All of the rooms and common areas are carpeted and the furniture is newer. The lounge may not have the bay view of the other units, but it does have the television and microwave.

Laundry Facilities

The laundry rooms are located at the bottom of the 4/5 tower and before the entrance to Unit 9. Each room has five washers and six dryers, all coin and debit card operated. The 4/5 tower has an adjacent lounge with television and vending machine for students' convenience while doing laundry.


There is a soda machine located in Unit 1. Also, just outside the 4/5 laundry room are soda, juice and snack machines.

Building Floor Plans


Maple Hall is staffed by 13 Resident Assistants in units 1-14 and one Coordinator of Residence Education. The Coordinator office is located in the 9/10/11 tower.