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  • Bayside Apartments

The Bayside Courts offer a unique style of on-campus housing to its nearly 500 residents. Here, students get the opportunity experience apartment-style living while still residing on main campus. Seabreeze (south building), Tidewater (middle building) and Whitecap (north building) are the three identical buildings that comprise our Bayside Courts complex. Each of the three “U’s,” as we call them, is made up of 44 apartments, including 8 quints (5-person, three-bedroom apartments), 28 quads (4-person, two-bedroom apartments), or 6 doubles (2-person, one bedroom apartments). Each apartment is equipped with a kitchenette including electric range stove and full refrigerator, a dining/living area (complete with table and chairs), private storage area, and private bathroom. They are also air conditioned, fully carpeted (except for the tile in the kitchen and bathroom) and have cable/data access. Our custodial staff will even help you clean your bathroom! They’re only available to help you about twice a month, so most of it is up to you – but hey, who better to help than our wonderful staff!

Exclusive to this living area, Bayside Court apartments are RWU’s only housing option that gives residents direct to their living areas from the outside. Each “U” also has a laundry facility and a courtyard that faces Mount Hope Bay. We encourage you to use the courtyards to play some Frisbee, read a book, do your homework, or bring your own charcoal (instant match-lit only!) and throw a burger or two on one of the grills provided in the courtyard! The whole complex, including the courtyard, has access to wireless internet. Sit outside and do homework? Sounds good to us!

Not sure you’re ready to start cooking for yourself quite yet? While you will have your own private kitchen, we still offer the opportunity for residents to partake in the University's dining plan. Board options for this area range from full board plans to the 125 Block Plan, an option designed especially for apartment style residents.

The staff of the Bayside Courts is comprised of one Coordinator of Residence Education (CORE), one Head Resident Assistant (HRA), and 11 Resident Assistants (RA). The Coordinator of Residence Education serves to oversee the day-to-day operation of the complex, including supervision of the residence hall staff. There are 4 RA’s per “U,” with two living in the north wing, and two living in the south wing.

Building Floor Plans:

Bayside 100s (Seabreeze)
Bayside 200s (Tidewater)
Bayside 300s (Whitecap)

A Message from CORE Corey:

Hello! My name is Corey Brown and I will be the CORE of Bayside Courts for the 2015-16 academic year. This is my second year at Roger Williams University as I was the CORE of Maple Hall last year. Not only am I the CORE of Bayside but you can also find me on campus in other roles as well. I am the advisor to The Locker Room which is our Men’s Leadership Group on Campus as well as a Volunteer Assistant Coach on the Wrestling Team. I am originally from Greenville, Pennsylvania which is roughly an hour north of Pittsburgh, PA and where I attended Thiel College. During my undergrad I majored in Criminal Justice Studies, was a Resident Assistant for two years, and was a four-year starter and a three-year captain on the Wrestling team. I completed my Master’s Degree in Counseling in Student Affairs at Youngstown State University in 2014. I love being outdoors, working out, and spending time with my fiancé’. I look forward to meeting each of you as we begin this New Year and journey together.