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  • Bayside Apartments

Bayside Court is a change from traditional-style residence halls and houses nearly 500 residents. Residents of Bayside Court have the distinct opportunity to experience apartment-style living while still remaining on campus as a member of the University's residential community.

Bayside Building Layout

Living Space Bayside Court consists of three identical buildings named Seabreeze (south building), Tidewater (middle building) and Whitecap (north building). Courtyards associated with each building in Bayside Courts face Mount Hope Bay.

Building Facts

Apartment Style Living - Unlike any of the other residential living options, Bayside Court apartments offer residents direct outside access to their living areas. There are a number of different apartment configurations. Throughout the complex, there are one-bedroom apartments housing two residents; two-bedroom apartments housing four residents; and three-bedroom apartments housing five residents. Each apartment is fully air conditioned, carpeted and has a kitchenette, dining/living room, bedroom(s), refrigerator, telephone jack and cable/data access. Furniture is provided for the living room, dining area and bedroom(s). Also included in each apartment is a private storage area and a private bath with a shower and tub. Custodian staff clean the residents' bathrooms approximately every two and a half weeks in an effort to assist the residents in their regular cleaning.  Laundry facilities are located in the north wing of each building.

Meal Plan Options - While Bayside Court is equipped with private kitchens, residents can still participate in the University's board plan in the Dining Hall. Board options range from full board plans to the 125 Block Plan, an option designed especially for apartment style residents.


Bayside Court is staffed with 12 Resident Assistants and one Coordinator of Residence Education. Four Resident Assistants reside in each area. The Coordinator of Residence Education lives in Whitecap. The office for the Coordinator is located in Seabreeze.