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The Baypoint Inn and Conference Center is RWU’s sophomore-specific living area. Baypoint, as it is affectionately known, houses 230 students in a traditional setting and is located approximately two miles from campus (just over the Mt. Hope Bridge!) in Portsmouth, RI.

The rooms in Baypoint are double occupancy and have double size beds. All rooms are carpeted, have individual heating and air conditioning controls, and are equipped with data and cable TV ports. Each resident is provided one desk, one dresser, and one built in or movable closet. Each room has its own private bathroom, which is cleaned weekly by our custodial staff. The entire facility is Wi-Fi enabled, including the dining facility, all conference rooms, and our common space (called “Bridges”) which has a large screen TV, billiards, and foosball table.

Baypoint is RWUs only residence hall with its own dining and workout facilities. That means you can wake up, work out, and get breakfast (or lunch…) without having to leave your residence hall! Baypoint dining features a restaurant style menu; once you swipe in and order your meal it is then brought to you by one of our friendly dining staff members. The dining menu is also constantly changing as an attempt to continuously meet the needs and tastes of Baypoint residents.

Baypoint also has a shuttle that runs about every 15 minutes between 7a and 11p Monday-Friday and about every 30 minutes on evenings, weekends, and holidays. A more detailed shuttle schedule can be found by following this link:

The staff of the Bayside Inn and Conference Center is comprised of one Coordinator of Residence Education (CORE), one Head Resident Assistant (HRA), and six Resident Assistants (RA). The Coordinator of Residence Education serves to oversee the day-to-day operation of the complex, including supervision of the residence hall staff. The six RAs live one-each per hallway of the Baypoint Inn and Conference Center.

While Baypoint offers students the experience of an off-campus residential environment, all University policies remain in effect.

Building Floor Plans:

Baypoint Inn - First Floor
Baypoint Inn - Second Floor

A Message from CORE Mary-Elizabeth:

Welcome! My name is Mary-Elizabeth and I'm the CORE for Baypoint and Almeida or, Baymeida as we like to call it. This is my second year at Roger Williams, as a Nutmegger I couldn't be more excited to be back in New England! Prior to coming to Roger I got my Bachelor's in Political Science and Sociology and my Master's in Higher Education Administration from Stony Brook University. My passions lay in the realm of social justice, specifically in the areas of sexual violence prevention and food insecurity reduction. Apart from my time as a CORE I like to craft, cook and spend time with my HUGE Italian family.  I look forward to connecting with the Roger Williams community and learning from each of you as the year progresses. Please reach out to me at if you ever need anything!