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  • Almeida Apartments

Almeida is a residence hall with a difference! Almeida gives you the opportunity to live in an apartment complex two miles off campus but still have all the benefits of living in a residence hall. There is also a shuttle bus that runs every hour to and from campus Sunday night to Friday afternoon, so if you don't have a car, it's no problem.

Living Space

Almeida consists of three large, separate buildings and a series of units called the Flats and Townhouses. The "200", "300" and "400" buildings each have approximately 22 apartments. In each building there are ten one-bedroom apartments available for two residents. The remaining apartments have two bedrooms available for four residents. Each building has three floors with the entrance floor located on the second floor. A laundry room is located on the first floor of each building.

The Townhouses house graduate and law students.

Building Facts

  • Furnished Apartments - Each apartment is carpeted and has a living room, kitchen, dining room area, bathroom, bedroom(s) and refrigerator. Furniture is provided for the living room, dining area and bedroom(s). 
  • Meal Plan Options - While Almeida is equipped with private kitchens, residents can still participate in the University's board plan in the Dining Hall. Board options range from full board plans (Cart Blanche Platinum or Gold Plans) to the 125 Block Plan which is ideal for apartment dwellers.  This plan can average 7-8 meals per week in the main dinning hall and $400 in Hawk Dollars throughout the semester. 


Six Resident Assistants living in the buidings and one Graduate Resident Assistant in the Flats. A Coordinator of Residence Education oversees the staff and facility. While Almeida offers students the experience of an off-campus residential environment, University policies are still in effect at Almeida.