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The Roger Williams University community is committed to preserving the dignity and safety of its members. The University will not tolerate sexual assault, sexual misconduct, stalking or sexual harassment (collectively sexual misconduct) in any form within our community. We will work collaboratively to create and ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all.

A student charged with sexual misconduct can be held accountable under the University's conduct code and could face possible criminal charges with law enforcement agencies.

These actions are separate and not dependent upon one another.

Please refer to the Victim’s Rights section in this Handbook for additional information.

For the purpose of this website, the survivor is referred to as "she" and the perpetrator as "he." We recognize that men may be survivors and women may be perpetrators, and that these crimes also occur in homosexual relationships. 

However, an overwhelming 95 percent of victims of sexual assault are female.  For this reason, and for the ease of reading, we refer to the survivor  as "she" and the offender as "he." It is also important to remember that sexual assault is not an issue particular to certain social, ethnic, racial or economic groups.  These crimes are pervasive throughout society and therefore affect everyone.

This website is designed to assist Roger Williams University students, faculty and staff with information concerning sexual assault.