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    The Division of Student Affairs and Student Programs and Leadership is excited to announce the Co Curricular Transcript program. You will need to utilize your Org Sync account to access the request for your CCT. Information on creating your Org Sync account can be found here

    What is a CCT?

    The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is a student initiated comprehensive record of participation and achievements outside of the classroom while enrolled as an undergraduate at Roger Williams University. We are hopeful that students will utilize the Co-Curricular Transcript as a supplement to their academic transcript as it is a tool to showcase their experience and learning outside the classroom.

    Why should I have a CCT?

    The CCT is an excellent way to monitor and track out of classroom experiences while attending Roger Williams. This document is an important component of student development, showcasing valuable leadership experiences and recognition. The CCT can be a supplement to a student’s resume as they apply for internships/employment, scholarships, and on campus leadership experiences

    How do I start a CCT?

    To begin creating a CCT, students will need to have an Org Sync account. Students will need to attend a CCT workshop which will teach them how the program is run and how to use and manage their account. A CCT is generated by the experiences that students populate into their Org Sync account. Please note that the CCT program at this time is open to students who are a sophomore level and above.

    How does the CCT work?

    Once students enter their involvement in Org Sync, students can select their involvement for their CCT. Students will identify the experience they have completed through the Org Sync process and that is what will show on their CCT. Once they enter their experience, students will submit their request and it will then be verified through a member of the CCT committee. For this CCT to be considered official, the staff will need to verify what is on the CCT . Students will then be sent an email once their CCT is ready.

    Where do I get an official copy?

    Students are able to request a CCT through their Org Sync account. Students will be able to pick up their CCT at Student Programs and Leadership once they receive notification that the CCT is ready. Students should expect this process will take 5 business days.