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  • Multicultural Student Union

Multicultural Student Union

The Multicultural Student Union is a progressive group of students that collaborate with others to provide educational opportunities on matters of diversity. We seek to demonstrate how people from diverse backgrounds, values and beliefs can work together to create a safe and inclusive environment for the student body; utimately fostering the growth of the Roger Williams University community.

The 2012-2013 Executive Board:

President - Jeronima Nix
Vice President - Zanquasha Yates
Treasurer - Samantha Palazzo Tardiff
Secretary - Jacquline Santana Cabrera  
PR-Advertising - Pelumi Adegawa  
Outreach Liason - Taylor Anderson  
Recruitment and Retention Chair - Victoria Mordasky
Traditions Chair- Megan Negron

Advisor:  Candice De Los Reyes

Follow MSU on Twitter:  @MSUrwu

Multicultural Student Union:MSU

MSU Talent Show!
MSU Talent Show!
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Talent Show!
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helping out with christmas trees
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The Multicultural Student Union at Roger Williams University was formed to represent multiculturalism at Roger Williams University, to provide a support group for the student body, to serve as the voice of multicultural student opinion on matters directly affecting students and/or their rights; to provide leadership development for multiculturalism on campus; provide social, educational and recreational programming for the Roger Williams campus; and be models countering negative stereotypes and promoting the eradication of racism.

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