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  • Campus Entertainment Network

Campus Entertainment Network

The Campus Entertainment Network (CEN) is a volunteer, student-run organization responsible for creating, planning and programming entertainment events on campus. CEN members are dedicated students who are interested in hosting quality entertainment for the entire campus community.

The Campus Entertainment Network is comprised of eight committees and an executive board. The executive board consists of the chair, a secretary and a treasurer.

You can get involved in CEN at any time because we are always looking for students with new and innovative ideas for programming and advertising. By getting involved, you will have a definite impact on decisions made including the type of entertainment brought to RWU. We also rely on our members to bring feedback on events back to us so we can continue to improve our programming.

In order to program to the best of our ability, we need you and your support. Our success is something we are proud of, and we are always striving to reach new heights.

2013-2014 Board

  • Chairs - Lindsey Proulx and Chris Wade
  • Treasurer - Ali Ferrentino
  • Secretary  - Amanda Chalmers  
  • Arts and Culture - Emily Miliano and Alex Gomez
  • Community Liason - Cat Corriveau
  • Pride Programs - Kevin Cameron
  • Public Relations - Bridget Gills 
  • Traditions - Haya Awad and Brianne Smith 
  • All Committee and Events (ACE) - Alexis den Boggende
  • Where's the fun (WTF?) - Conor Tompkins and Kevin Pieper  
  • Advisor - John Zajicek

Committee Meetings:

To be Determined in September

To be Determined in September

To be Determined in September

Arts & Culture
To be Determined in September

To be Determined in September

Community Liaison
To be Determined in September

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