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  • Programming

The Spiritual Life Program strongly encourages interaction among people of different faiths. The Program promotes this by sponsoring two major events each year: a Thanksgiving service and dinner in the fall and an Interfaith Prayer Breakfast in the spring. These annual events strengthen the members of the RWU community by bringing people together in fellowship.

The student groups and the University Chaplains also sponsor various campus programs throughout the year.  Some of these are outreach to the larger RWU community; others are designed to bring together a smaller group of members of each specific faith. For example, each of the student groups celebrate treasured holidays together in a manner that follows the creed of each faith.

Other Programs

During Ramadan, followers of Islam gather daily in the Intercultural Center for breaking of the fast and prayer. Each Friday they join for congregational prayer.

In the winter, Hillel meets with other Rhode Island universities to partake in a Hanukkah dinner and once a month the group meets on its own for a Shabbat dinner.

Ash Wednesday services are available to the entire RWU community led by our Catholic chaplain during Holy Week.

Unexpected Events

The Spiritual Life Program is also committed to reaching out to the community during times of celebration or devastation. Unexpected events occur throughout the course of each year, and the Spiritual Life Program supports our community during such times, whether by assembling an appropriate service or just arranging time to meet and reflect.  For example, after the 2004 tsunami, RWU held a service for those impacted by the tragedy. A year later, we held another service in continued remembrance of lives lost and those continuing to rebuild their communities.