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 On any given day at the IC, you may be greeted by the delicious scent of fried plantains, curried chicken, Arabica coffee, bulsaki or even chocolate chip cookies! The kitchen is accessible to all members of RWU throughout the day to create a personal meal or one to share. We encourage you to take advantage of the full kitchen in the Intercultural Center.


Community Kitchen

Food in the kitchen is available to everyone, unless otherwise noted. If you do not intend to share, please make sure to carefully label your food. Fresh coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other beverages are complimentary. Please feel free to contribute to the supplies. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and leaving the area better than you found it!

Having a Gathering?

If you are planning to cook a large quantity of food or have a gathering of friends over a meal, please call the Intercultural Center at x3121.

“I like that it’s open to everyone and you get to taste very delicious food from all over the world.” – Qia H