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  • Feedback From Students in the Program

What students in the program are saying:

“Having a diversity leader and being a part of the program is one of the best decisions you can make as a freshman. Since the groups are so small, you are able to build a bond with your mentor and the other mentees. You also get to know all the mentors as well and you begin to build and establish a family away from home”.

“Everyone in Diversity Leaders are there for various reasons, but one thing we all have in common is our willingness to understand and accept differences. Whether it be cultural, racial, sexual orientation or even religious, it truly advocates for diversity on campus”.

"Without this program, I would have never applied to be a Diversity Leader. The program also gave me a family and support system on campus that keeps me motivated to stay here and get my degree."

"The program helped me gain a strong support system of people who really show they care and accept me for who I am."

"As part of a small population of students of color and a first generation college student who comes from an underrepresented community, I learned that coming to college can prove to be extremely difficult. Now that I have been in college for three years, I wanted to be that person who supports those students through their  transition from high school to college”.

"I have become much more aware of the privileges I have. Being aware of these privileges makes me much more aware of how I interact with others."