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  • President’s Core Values Medallion - Commencement

President’s Core Values Medallion

President’s Core Values Medallion ~ Commencement 2017

The President’s Core Values Medallion was originally established in 2007 to recognize graduating seniors who best exemplify the core values of the institution.  During the 2014-2015 academic year, several vision committees comprised of students, faculty, trustees and administrators, were appointed by President Farish to develop revised University core values reflective and supportive of shared institutional priorities, goals and learning outcomes.  Each student awarded this honor has truly embraced the University’s core values in meaningful ways.   

Each of the schools, together with the University President, will select this year’s class of Presidential Core Value Medallion winners.  Honorees will be presented with a unique medallion depicting the core values to be worn at Commencement as well as a framed commemorative keepsake.  The medallion is identical to the one worn by President Farish as part of his presidential commencement regalia.  Honorees are recognized at the Commencement Ceremony and receive their medallion keepsake from President Farish on stage.

 Criteria for Selection

  1. One graduating senior will be selected from each of the following schools: Art, Architecture and Historic Preservation; Business, Criminal Justice; Education; Engineering, Construction and Computing and Continuing Education.  Three graduating students will be selected from the College of Arts & Sciences – one from each of the three divisions.
  2. Impressive, broad, and meaningful individual student experiences congruent with our core values must be articulated in the nomination and selection process within the schools.  University core values include:
  •  Transformative:  Respectable to outstanding G.P.A., academic rigor and critical thinking, demonstrated commitment to collaboration and community engagement that enriches students, the University and the broader society; commitment to fulfill their potential as lifelong learners, professionals and citizens.
  • Engaged:  Engagement both within and outside of the campus community.  Examples may include student club and organization involvement, demonstrated leadership in involvement, and participation in the academic and co-curricular life of RWU.
  • Experiential:  Demonstrated experience bridging theory and practice, enhancing the ability to fulfill their potential and contribute to society.  Examples may include research collaboration with faculty members that contribute to scholarly work, completion of an internship, participation in CPC or other community focused projects.
  • Inclusive:  Actively promote inclusion and demonstrates ability to thrive in culturally diverse and global society.  Examples may include participation in study-abroad experience, commitment to foreign language proficiency, campus based activities or academic work in support of inclusive and diverse perspectives.
  • Innovative:  Demonstrated creative thinker. Entrepreneurial nature.  Willingness to think outside of the box and propose unique and adaptable solutions and programs. 


                        Nomination & Selection Process

 Faculty & Administrators may nominate seniors no later than April 3, 2017 directly to the Dean of the appropriate school he/she is enrolled.  The nomination should include supporting materials.  Education majors can be considered by both schools they hold majors in but are only eligible for one award.  Each school must select honoree(s) prior to or before Apri1 14, 2017.  In the event of a tie or a difficult decision – only ONE name can be forwarded as an honoree.  However, additional names from each college should be forwarded for consideration for at-large honoree(s) to be selected by the President. 

Individual students are also provided the opportunity to nominate themselves (or peers) for award consideration by forwarding supporting materials directly to their Dean no later than April 13, 2016.  This is a supplemental approach designed to broaden the process and make it more inclusive.  However self-nominations are not being solicited to replace or diminish the role of faculty and administrators as the primary nominating body.

Dean’s may also solicit names from faculty and Assistant/Associate Deans along with a summary of the nominee’s qualifications pertaining to the above criteria. 

In any case, all nominations must contain a written summary of qualifications pertaining to the Core Values most highly demonstrated by the student and should also include major and minor, internships, study abroad, leadership, distinctive awards and honors, and future plans – career, service and/or graduate school related. 

School Deans will forward supporting materials, names of medallion recipients and at-large nominees electronically to Deb Burgo in the Commencement Office, on or before April 14, 2017. Deans are encourage to forward all nominees for at-large consideration.  Questions can be directed to Allison Chase Padula at