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The Community Connections program invites you to consider what you could accomplish with the energy, enthusiasm (and yes, free labor!) of RWU volunteers: 

  • Past work has included landscaping, trail maintenance, painting, social programming for senior citizens, inventory, and small construction/maintenance projects. 
  • Organizations are asked to pick a project that can reasonably be completed in one day and would engage 20-100 volunteers (if you think you can use more than 100, we can do that, too!)
  • RWU provides transportation, lunches, work gloves, and other supplies.  Depending on the project, the site may be asked to provide additional supplies such as paint,  mulch, and heavy tools.
  • We ask that a site contact/supervisor from your organization be available on site on August 28th to supervise and to give our students an orientation about your organization.
  • All participating organizations are invited to attend program orientation at RWU on Wednesday, August 30th at 3pm. 

Do you think our volunteers could be helpful to your organization?  If so, and you are interested in registering for the program, please visit  If you would like to discuss the program further before making a decision, I encourage you to contact me at  Our program coordinators are also available to visit your organization to help you conceptualize the format of your project.