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The goal of the Recycling and Sustainability Committee is to provide a measured response to the growing concerns of pollution in the Roger Williams University community and the world at large. Recognizing the importance of action as well as education, the Committee will strive to promote campus sustainability and to foster ecological education.

Campus Sustainability

Through analysis of Roger Williams University’s current resource usage, the Committee will formulate methods for reducing the University’s current ecological footprint.  Employing the mantra, "reduce, reuse, and recycle" the Committee will seek pragmatic techniques for reducing the University’s ecological impact.

Ecological Education

By promoting the integration of ecological awareness and environmental justice into the traditional learning venues, the Committee will stress the global scale of environmental sustainability. The Committee will challenge students, faculty, and administrators to consider their ecological impacts, as well as what they can do to make a positive change.

Through action and education, the Recycling and Sustainability Committee will positively influence Roger Williams University’s role in the movement toward global sustainability.