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  • Eco-Reps Program

Roger Williams University has formed a group of Peer Leaders known as "Eco-Reps." Begun in the fall of 2009, this team of 12 residential students is involved with sustainability initiatives throughout the University and is charged with promoting and educating about Sustainability ("Reducing, Reusing, & Recycling") amongst their peers in the residence halls, throughout the University at large and in the local public school systems.  These are PAID POSITIONS of up to 10 hours per week: payroll (up to 6 positions) or work study (up to 6 positions).

Our priorities include increasing Recycling in the residence halls by 20%, as well as increasing water and power conservation in the residence halls.

ECO-REPS' Responsibilities include:

  • New Student Orientation – presentation on sustainability and University recycling procedures to all first-year students. 
  • Residence Halls - Promotion and education about sustainability (energy and water conservation & recycling) through signage, tabling and programming of “green” events such as RecycleMania and beach & roadside clean-ups.
  • Promote and educate students, faculty, and staff about University-subsidized use of public transportation. 
  • Work with the co-chairs of the University Recycling & Sustainability Committee to assist with and coordinate campus-wide sustainability initiatives. 
  • Assist in maintaining University Recycling Stations. 
  • Work with Department of Student Programs, Leadership and Orientation in the programming of “green” co-curricular events and to ensure that recycling, and energy and water conservation take place at all co-curricular events. 
  • Work with the Feinstein Center for  Service Learning and Community Engagement to promote sustainability and recycling in the local school systems, including presentation of a session at the annual GRRL Tech conference. 
  • Assist Dining Services in their continued efforts to reduce waste, buy locally, recycle, compost whenever possible, and conserve energy and water.

Eco-Reps Online Application

Eco-Rep Application

For questions, please send an email to or call Scott Yonan at 254-3389