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An Overview of Joint Admission

The Joint Admission program is intended to provide an easy transition from Bristol Community College (BCC) to Roger Williams University upon completion of an eligible associate degree program. Any student who enrolls at Bristol Community College in an associate degree program approved by Roger Williams University may be eligible to participate in the Joint Admission program.

Signing up for Joint Admission

Students are strongly encouraged to sign up (using the Student Participation Agreement) for joint admission through the Bristol Community College Transfer Office before completing 30 credits at BCC. Students who wish to receive the guarantees of the Joint Admission program must also complete an Intent to Enroll Form. This form should be sent to Roger Williams University after completing 45 credits, preferably by November 1 for Spring enrollment and April 15 for Fall enrollment.

Credit Evaluation and Course Equivalencies

Every student will receive a complete credit evaluation after the Intent to Enroll Form has been submitted and the student has been officially invited to enroll at Roger Williams University. Course requirements for Roger Williams University majors are specified in the University Catalog, and the transferability of courses is outlined in the Course Equivalency Guide. All required courses being transferred to the degree must carry a grade of "C" or higher. For the smoothest enrollment transition, students are encouraged to follow the outline for the program of study in which they are enrolled at BCC. Students who have fulfilled the requirements of the Joint Admission program are guaranteed junior status and a minimum of 60 transfer credits, exclusive of developmental credits as defined by Roger Williams University. In addition, students will be required to complete no more than 68 additional credits toward the baccalaureate degree requirements (unless the total number of credits required for the student's chosen program exceeds 128 credits.) Students fulfilling the requirements of the Joint Admission program who elect to change their program of study at the time they enter (or after they enter Roger Williams University) will be required to meet the requirements of their new major, which may mean completing more than 68 credits. Particular questions about the transferability of courses may be addressed to the Office of Undergraduate Admission at Roger Williams University.

Enrolling at Roger Williams University

To satisfy the conditions of admission into Roger Williams University, participating students must earn a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (based on a 4.0 scale) and complete an associate degree in a program approved by Roger Williams University. See also the Student Participation Agreement or Intent to Enroll Form. Program outlines for the Roger Williams University majors are available at the Bristol Community College Transfer Office or through the Roger Williams University Office of Undergraduate Admission. Joint Admission candidates must meet requirements for enrollment no later than May for entry in a Fall semester, no later than December for entry in a Spring semester.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Roger Williams University strives to maintain an active and equitable program of financial assistance for students who would otherwise not be able to attend the institution. The criteria for financial assistance are demonstrated need and academic performance. Aid is awarded without regard to age, gender, race, sexual orientation, creed, national origin or disability. Students must file the FAFSA (Federal & State Aid); priority deadline is February 1, and the CSS Profile (Institutional Aid) deadline is January 1. Joint Admission participants may also qualify for special scholarships.

Please contact:

Office of Undergraduate Admission Roger Williams University One Old Ferry Road, Bristol, RI 02809 Phone: 800-458-7144 ext. 3500 Fax: 1(401) 254-3557 Disclaimers: Not withstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the Joint Admission program does not limit Roger Williams University from eliminating a school, college, department, or degree program; waive any program or licensing requirements; ensure eligibility for Federal, State, or institutional financial assistance; provide any guarantees or representations regarding tuition rates or fees at Roger Williams University. Roger Williams University reserves the right to modify the requirements for admission and graduation, to change the program of study, to amend any regulation affecting the student body, to increase tuition and fees, and to dismiss from Roger Williams University any student at any time, if it is deemed by the University to be in the best interest of the University or the student to do so. Nothing on this site may be considered as setting forth terms of a contract between a student (or prospective student) and Roger Williams University.