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Welcome to RWU!

If your first year at Roger Williams University isn’t your first year of college, you’re already ahead of the game. Transfer students are an integral and influential part of our student body and we value the experience and academic growth you bring to campus. We also know that your needs will be a little different than entering freshmen, and, by creating micro-communities of transfer students within our residence halls, we help you to find an immediate network as you become part of our larger campus community.

Application Process

RWU welcomes applications from students who wish to transfer from two-year and four-year, accredited liberal arts colleges and universities. Students may apply for admission to the University for full-time enrollment for either fall or spring semesters. We recommend that transfer students wishing to enroll for the fall semester (beginning in August) apply before June 15th, the extended deadline. Those applying for spring enrollment (beginning in January) are encouraged to apply before April 1st. If you are applying after these deadlines, please contact the Office of Transfer Admission for more information. Students interested in part-time enrollment should contact the School of Continuing Studies.

Application Requirements

*Students applying to Architecture, Graphic Design or Visual Arts and Creative Writing must submit a portfolio

**Students applying to Dance must audition