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    Roger Williams University School of Law is an institution on the move. Over the past two decades, it has become a go-to source of legal expertise – for the public, including our neediest, most underserved populations; for the bench and bar; for business, political and community leaders; and for local and national news media, which frequently cite our faculty and alumni on a wide range of vital current issues.

    RWU Law students reap the benefits of this dynamic through exciting experiential-learning opportunities and diverse professional placements. Roger Williams delivers a rigorous, marketable legal education that enables graduates to emerge job-ready and prepared to thrive in their early careers, even in today’s challenging legal employment market. The School recently instituted an explicit guarantee that every qualified student will be afforded a substantial clinical experience; and introduced its expanded Feinstein Center for Pro Bono and Experiential Education. In Fall 2013, it launched a new Community Economic Development Clinic in which students provide business-related legal services to nonprofits and community-based businesses.

    In 2014, Roger Williams University’s signature Affordable Excellence initiative was extended to the School of Law. This tuition reduction translates to significant savings and lower debt loads for law students, making RWU Law the best-priced ABA-accredited private law school in the Northeast and accessible to an even broader population of future attorneys.

    RWU Law’s extraordinary faculty hails from the nation’s top law schools, offering a wealth of hands-on experience in virtually every area of the law. Prominent judges and attorneys teach here as adjuncts, mentor our students, and hire our alumni. Nationally known legal experts lecture at our podiums, both as permanent faculty and as distinguished guests. Each year, the Rhode Island Supreme Court presides over final arguments in our internal moot court competition.

    In addition, Roger Williams University’s unique 3+3 programs allow motivated candidates to earn a degree in Business Administration or Legal Studies along with a Juris Doctor degree in just six years, rather than the traditional seven.

    Attending Rhode Island’s only law school also gains students unparalleled access to the state’s most sought-after judicial internships, and the undivided attention of a state bar that functions, in many ways, as a de facto extension of our fast-growing alumni base. Upon graduation they historically turn in strong bar exam performances, beating overall averages in key states.

    In celebrating its first 20 years, RWU Law can proudly look back on a legacy of outstanding scholarship, an accomplished alumni body, and an unequivocally positive impact on legal culture and dialogue throughout the state and region – the legacy of a promise fulfilled. If you’re serious about forging a future in the legal profession, it’s time to take a serious look at RWU Law.