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  • Financing Examples

Sometimes understanding financial aid is easier with an example. Consider these three different families—Family A, Family B & Family C—each of which is awarded the average freshman financial aid package of $20,807, leaving them to finance roughly $20,000 per year.

Family A

can pay $7,500 out of pocket

searched and lands $2,350 in scholarships from Coca-Cola and the Apple Scholars Program

finances the remaining $14,150 through a Parent PLUS loan, with no payments required until graduation

Family B

does some detective work, applies and earns a $4,800 scholarship from Time Warner

finances $10,500 through a Parent PLUS loan

covers $8,700 through a student loan

Family C

finds a private scholarship of $3,750

pays the remaining $20,250 via a 10-month, interest-free payment plan with Tuition Management Systems (TMS).

These are just a few examples of the many financing options available. To find out the best way to approach your individual situation, please contact our financial aid counselors. They can be reached at: 401-254-3100 or via email at