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Hosted by
The Rhode Island Commission on Prejudice & Bias (RICPB)
In Cooperation with the
Roger Williams University School of Justice Studies

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

At the
Roger Williams University Baypoint Inn & Conference Center
144 Anthony Road, Portsmouth, RI

This workshop will focus on “cultivating authentic community between public safety and communities of color" by inviting participants to contemplate and discuss their hopes and concerns for the relationship between law enforcement and (civilian) members of the community/communities of color.

This dialogue serves as a springboard for collaboration where participants will begin to

  • Develop mutual understanding between public safety and communities of color
  • Build or re-establish trust among participants from differing viewpoints and background
  • Lay the foundation for collaboration on building safe communities.

We will be utilizing the Reflective Structured Dialogue (RSD) approach to dialogue, developed and honed by Public Conversations Project.  The Reflective Structured Dialogue approach is designed to provide hospitable spaces where people of varying backgrounds and worldviews can develop mutual understanding, build or re-establish trust among participants, cultivate a deeper sense of community, lay the foundation for collaboration.   This process is facilitated by communication agreements, thoughtful opening dialogue questions, go-arounds with firm time-limits for speaking, and facilitators that guide the conversation.   We are especially pleased to present this after RI passed the historic Comprehensive Community Police Relations Act (CCPRA).

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