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Engineering Minor with Robotics Focus

This is a minor intended for non-engineering students and allows in-depth study in the area of Robotics. Because a robot is an electro-mechanical device controlled by a computer, the required courses provide the prerequisite skills in mechanical design, computer programming and electronics. The minor culminates in the senior-level Mechatronics course where students will build and program a robot to complete an autonomous task.

Engineering Minor with Environmental Focus

This is a minor intended for non-engineering majors. It will expose a student to many facets of environmental engineering including drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, hydrology, and air pollution control. This minor is well-suited to biology, environmental science, chemistry and other science majors who wish to learn control strategies for environmental problems.

Engineering Minor with Biomechanics Focus

This minor is intended for non-engineering majors. It will provide an introduction to solid and fluid mechanics, materials science, and data acquisition theory and practice, and then apply these topics to biomechanical problems such as human and animal movement, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and the design and analysis of prosthetics. The minor is well-suited for Biology and Marine Biology B.S. majors who wish to understand the physical origins of anatomy and physiology, for pre-med students interested in orthopedics, or for anyone seeking an engineering perspective on biology.