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  • Dr. Robert A. Potter, P.E.

Dean's Message

The SECCM vision is to be a nationally-recognized leader in education in the disciplines of Computer Science, Construction Management and Engineering whose graduates are highly recruited by leading professional organizations and graduate programs. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality undergraduate professional educational experience enabling our graduates to excel in the practice of their professional discipline or the pursuit of an advanced degree.

Our students enjoy a well-maintained, naturally lit and centrally located building dedicated entirely to the SECCM programs. Faculty offices, administrative services and technical experts are co-located in the building allowing for easy access and frequent interaction. A comfortable lobby serves as an internet café, and a student project room contains computers and work spaces providing a home base for SECCM students within the university campus. As a result of this intimate environment, students who start as classmates finish as lifelong friends and colleagues.

We are a caring learning community dedicated to:

  • Your personal and intellectual growth
  • Your maturation as a professional
  • Your establishment of life-long associations and friendships
  • Your development as a lifelong learner
  • In short - to your success

Our credentials are our graduates

Dr. Robert A. Potter, P.E.