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Workshop: Pathways to Careers in Healthcare.  Join us in-person or online on Monday October 6.  Presentations will be led by prominent R.I. health care professionals Paul Loberti, Jr., Administrator at the R.I. Office of Health and Human Services and Yvette M. Mendez, Health Sector Grant Programs Officer at the Rhode Island Foundation.  Contact Mary H. Cooney for details:

More information at:

RW Zoo Pumpkin Spectacular!  October 2-November 2. Free for SCS students, and discounted for guests. Contact Mary H. Cooney for details and student tickets: More info at:

Holistic Nutrition Do you wish you had more energy? Could get a better night’s sleep? Felt healthier overall?

Join us for a free session and learn how making healthier food choices can improve your overall well-being. Holistic Nutrition treats the body as a whole and explores how different nutrients and the distribution of calories can affect the way you feel. This class will provide you with a foundation of nutritional knowledge and the tools to develop a sustainable pattern of healthy eating.

In this Holistic Nutrition session, we will discuss: • How nutrition impacts the body • Nutrients: what, why, and how much? • Digestion: chewing, food combinations, and enzymes • Labels: deciphering fact from fiction • Strategies: implementing healthy eating habits

Saturday, October 4th from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at the School of Continuing Studies

Join us for a night of hockey with the Providence Bruins!  Friday, October 17 at 7:05pm or Sunday, October 19 at 3:05pm.  Tickets are free for SCS students, $18 per guest.  Each participant will receive a free PBruins hat, popcorn, and a soda.  Contact Mary H. Cooney for details:

Love to golf? SCS students and staff can enjoy golf discounts at Touisset Country Club.