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Nancy L. Kubic

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Nancy L. Kubic, LICSW
Adjunct Professor
Contact Information
Areas of Expertise: 
Social and Health Services

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, LICSW

Ms. Kubic loves knowledge and learning. As an individual, it is one of her great pleasures.  She believes it is a great strength in a person, a joy to be had, and force that brings both peace and power all at once. Teaching affords her the best of both worlds in many ways. It provides her the opportunity to fulfill an obligation as a clinical social worker, to provide for the betterment of society. As an individual at her practice, she can only help one individual or family at a time. And, while she loves her work as a clinician, the social worker in her longs for bigger changes as well. Working with the students at Roger Williams offers that opportunity. Ms. Kubic now can contribute to the education of many individuals who will then go forward and have the skills to help many others (in schools, therapy or through policy change).

Ms. Kubic states that she is fortunate to have the opportunity to be working with such impassioned individuals, as most of her students are. “These types of classes can tap into more emotion and core belief issues than most - and that type of energy is awesome. The diversity in our students is amazing and to watch them move forward and actually work to change a real policy or provide “out of the box” ideas that are not only practical, but sometimes truly great, makes me thrilled to be part of it all.”