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Menton, Chris

Menton, Chris
Program Director, Criminal Justice
Contact Information
215 - School of Continuing Studies
Areas of Expertise: 
Criminal Justice

Dr. Menton has a bachelors in Human Development from Curry College where he was enrolled in the first comprehensive program for college students with learning disabilities.  He completed a twenty year career with the Massachusetts Department of Correction. Starting as a correction officer moving up the ranks, he worked at all classification levels and treatment models before becoming a director of staff training. From Boston University, he earned a Masters in Criminal Justice/Human Service Personnel Training at the start of his career and a Doctorate in Education in Societal Studies as he transitioned into higher education.   He taught for many summers in the Sociology Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston and has been a professor of Criminal Justice at RWU for some time.  He has presented and published on a number of topics ranging from police bicycle patrols to domestic violence offenders to public safety personnel training. He has been a continuing education student himself and believes your efforts when you come to back to school can change your life. 

“To the perspective continuing student: I was you. My first college courses I took were as a part time student in a community college. I stuck with it.  I earned degrees, mostly part-time, that I thought would fortify my professional and personal growth.  I started out as a correction officer and am now a University Professor. Continuing education works.”