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Marilyn Schairer

Marilyn Schairer
Adjunct Professor
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Areas of Expertise: 
Public Speaking

Teaching as a Professional:  As an Emmy Award Nominated Broadcast Journalist, Marilyn brings more than 25 years of television and radio reporting into RWU courses, sharing her multi-media experience and her writing, producing, and reporting skills with students. As a reporter for WPRI-TV/Fox 64 in Providence, RI, Ms. Schairer covers breaking news across Rhode Island.  Ms. Schairer also works in Boston, MA at WGBH 89.7 FM radio as fill-in host for NPR's Morning Edition.

Learning through doing:  Ms. Schairer story reporting comes to life within the classroom. She presents lectures and assignments based on actual stories she has covered, including reporting on a variety of high profile stories such as Presidential races, the Governor's press conferences, and the Patriot's American Football Conference Championship games. Student discussions and assignments are organized to maximize real life situations surrounding current news and issues within the communication industry.

Sharing and networking:  Understanding mass communications and a changing digital world allows students to utilize writing, public speaking, public relations, and storytelling skills they learn during many of the courses taught by Ms. Schairer.  She helps students take their education to the next level, by facilitating an internship or career position through networking with other professionals in the industry, where they can demonstrate their knowledge and excel within their chosen profession. She often uses a quote from journalist Barbara Walters when discussing career aspirations, "Success can make you go one of two ways, it can make you a prima donna- or it can smooth the edges, take away the insecurities, and let the nice things come out."