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Jon Henson

Jon Henson
Adjunct Professor
Contact Information
(508) 989-9816
Areas of Expertise: 

Jon Henson stays busy. As a manager of a writing and development department for a nationwide construction trade educational program, he finds plenty of ways to draw the practice of professional writing into the courses he teaches at Roger Williams. Throughout his career, Mr. Henson has developed an interest in the notion of lifelong learning, especially as it applies to the workplace and the practical implications for problem-based learning, performance-based assessment and the issue of knowledge relevance for individuals who want to enhance their career identities via continuing studies.

Mr. Henson’s work in the development of learning events, curriculum, and associated content within a trades-based education program over the past decade has provided him with first-hand experience in meeting the educational needs of a large, practically-oriented body of learners. As part of this same position, he has facilitated the training of dozens of instructors with a focus on Bloom’s Taxonomy, classroom management, and responsible steps in instruction.