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Cheryl Francis

Cheryl Francis
Adjunct Professor
Contact Information
(401) 254-3110
Areas of Expertise: 
Social and Health Services

Certain events in life led Cheryl down the path to higher education.  Cheryl began her pursuit of a degree as single mom with three children.  She learned to juggle home life, children and college with lots of ball drops along the way.  Despite a brief intermission while pursuing her Bachelor’s, she chose to turn the negative into a positive and finish what she started. 

A chance meeting with an advisor from the Continuing Studies program at RWU altered her path.  Literally, she walked in from the street.  Cheryl states that it wasn’t like the skies opened and she saw the light but she can honestly say that it was that discussion and positive reinforcement from that advisor which brought her to RWU. She completed both her undergraduate degree and her Master’s in Public Administration at Roger Williams University. 

Besides being an adjunct professor for Continuing Studies, Cheryl is also the Grant & Compliance Specialist for the Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences.  Cheryl considers herself a life-long learner.  Her role working with grants within Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences enables her to interact with faculty, students and administration.    She finds the world of grants truly fascinating.  When the opportunity came to join the adjunct faculty to teach the Grant Writing course, Cheryl said yes without hesitation.  “I believe having the ability to share one’s knowledge with others is the greatest feeling ever.”   “As a life-long learner, I am thrilled to be in the classroom not only sharing what I know but also learning from the students.  The Continuing Studies program has some of the most amazing individuals continuing their educational path.  Their life experiences enhance the curriculum which in turn provides a fantastic learning environment for all.