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Albert Peterson

Albert Peterson

In April of 2006 I officially established American Safety Programs & Training Inc. Prior to establishing ASP & Training Inc. I had worked for a company that had been in business for 10 years providing EMT / EMS training. After receiving my Instructor Coordinators license I began teaching various EMT courses on my own. This allowed me the fortitude to start my own business in Providence, RI. Since ASP & Training Inc. was established we have been continuously been providing many classes in the EMS field to EMT / EMS / CPR students.

I am currently serving on the North Providence Fire Department. I am Captain assigned to Rescue Co.2. I have been with the North Providence Fire Department since 1986. I started serving initially as a Communications Dispatcher for the Fire Department. After achieving an EMT-Basic and then EMT-Cardiac License, I was hired as a Firefighter in 1988.I also hold the following certifications: EMS I/C, CPR instructor, Haz-Mat (awareness and entry levels), EMS I. V. pump training instructor, WMD mass casualty Instructor. Firefighter Level-1.

I have served as the Departments Director of EMS for 8 years. In my years as Director of EMS, I developed the AED Program. We trained over 100 coaches and lay people for the North Providence's School and Recreation Departments. I also developed the program implementing the upgrade to Class-2 Licenses for the Fire apparatus. As a result, the Fire apparatus carried such items as an AED and several life-saving medications that they did not prior to this program.

Some of my proudest moments have been when I (as others) have been decorated for meritorious citation of duty. Being a part of implementing some new programs, as mentioned above, to the North Providence Fire Department.

Graduate of North Providence High School

Providence College Alumni


Expert Witness and testimony in Fire Department operations and the EMS field.

A.H.A. CPR Certified

12 Lead EKG certified/instructor

M.O.A.B. (management of aggressive behavior) certified instructor

American Heart Association. Regional Faculty member

A.H.A. CPR Certified Instructor

A.H.A. First Aid Certified

A.H.A. First Aid Certified Instructor

EMT-Basic Certified

EMT- Cardiac Certified

RI D.O.H. EMS Instructor Coordinator Certified

A.H.A.  ACLS Certified

A.H.A.  PALS  Certified

A.H.A. ACLS Certified Instructor

A.H.A. PALS Certified Instructor

Owner and President of American Safety Programs and Training Inc

American Heart Association Community Training Center Director with over 20 training sites

A.S.H.I. certified Community Training Center Director

Hazardous Material Awareness & Operations Levels Certified

Firefighter/ EMT-C 26 years

Former Director of the Rescue/EMS Division for the Town of North Providence 8 years

Former Elderly Affairs Advocate for the Town of North Providence 8 years

Former Fire Department Communications Dispatcher for the Town of North Providence

Teaching Experience and Background

Instructor for 100 CPR classes per year

Instructor for 100 First Aid Classes per year

I/C -instructor for EMT-Basic classes 2-3 per year since 1994

I/C -instructor for EMT-Cardiac classes- 2 per year since 1994

I/C -instructor for EMT-Basic Recertification classes 2-3 per year since 1994

I/C -instructor for EMT-Cardiac Recertification classes- 2 per year since 1994

I/C instructor for EMT-Paramedic programs since 2011

Instructor for CPR & First Aid instructor classes

Instructor for ALCS classes –

Instructor for PALS classes-

Instructor for 12 Lead EKG classes