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  • Technology Leadership and Management

Technology Leadership and Management

Bachelor of General Studies in Technology Leadership and Management

This concentration is designed for people with technical and/or managerial backgrounds who are employed in manufacturing, service, or technology-related industries, or who seek employment in such industries. The program will provide students with a foundation of leadership, strategic, and technology management skills. Because of the available electives, this program allows students the opportunity to focus on specific industries such as technology management, manufacturing, healthcare, environment and safety, or public administration.

Total Major Credits (24 credits)

Required Courses (24 credits) At least five courses must be completed at RWU

TLM/IT 255 Studies in Technology  
TLM/IT 342 Total Quality Management (Six Sigma)  
TLM/IT 430 Special Topics (Ethics in Science and Technology)  
TLM/IT 430

Special Topics (Lean manufacturing)

TLM/IT 455 Production Planning  
TLM/IT 457 Workplace Safety and Health Management  
TLM/IT 472 Senior Seminar  

Major Electives (3 credits)

Select one course Technology Leadership and Management.

Core Curriculum (30 credits)

Includes two writing courses (Expository Writing, Critical Writing for the Professions); a Mathematics skills course; Intro to Speech Communications; and at least one approved course from each of the following categories: Natural Science, Humanities, Fine Arts, Social Science; and additional liberal arts electives for a total of 30 credits.

Electives (66 credits)

Total Credits required to graduate (120 credits)